Position Yourself As The Authority In Your Niche So You Get Seen, And Get More Clients



Are You Driven By Legacy, Purpose, Integrity And Contribution?   You Love Connecting With People Who Value Deep Connections, Sharing Knowledge And Want To Make Money AND Make A Difference?

Is This You?
• You are already working with clients, and getting them results.
• Are making at least $10k a month.
• You're ready to position yourself as a thought leader.
• You wonder why other people are more well known than you, because you're great at what you do.
And you're ready to have a 7 figure business?

Are You A Coach, Consultant, Holistic Health Healer / Practioner, Thought Leader, Author Or Speaker?

And You Know You're Here To Make An Impact?

You know you're here to make an impact, and you have a mission.

Now imagine your mission was ten times bigger.

Can you feel how many people you could impact now?  Does it give you goose-bumps?

Put yourself in a room full of change-makers, inner-growth cheerleaders, paradigm shift masters, legacy drivers, healers, and inspirational legends - and watch your world get extraordinary.

Traditionally, there are only a small percentage of people who make it as high impact entrepreneurs.

Though they are inspiring they seem untouchable.

I believe we all can make it, and that everyone is a Leader when they dream bigger, lean into fear and decide to embrace their greatness at their full potential.




You’re Passionate About What You Do And The Reasons Behind Why You Do It.
You Have A Greater Purpose And You Know The Difference You Can Make In The World When You Make More Money.



You believe you CAN have your cake and eat it too.

Live Your MISSION.

Share Your MESSAGE.

Make More  MONEY.

"If You Don’t Act Now You Know Next Year Will Be Just Like The Year Gone By..."

You're so ready to take your business to the next level.

You’ve been in business for a while now and you're creating a consistent income, but you know there is untapped potential.

How Does It Feel When You Think About The Impact You're Here To Make?

To  serve others – not just with your business but to also make a contribution...

You have a great legacy that you're compelled to leave behind long after you’re gone.  

You have a  big vision to positively impact this world, and you're ready to make it a reality.

Abundance in business and life is what it's all about.

You know that the hard work of running a business is worth it, but sometimes it’s lonely and overwhelming...

You can’t quite put your finger on why you're not breaking through to 7 figures.

You've done a whole lot of training and education, and you're keeping the dream alive, but you're second guessing whether it will happen for you.

If you knew what was holding you back from getting the results, you would be doing it.  You have the resources and the 'can do' attitude.  

You want someone to help you find the missing link...


Samantha Riley is the creator of The Accelerant Group and host of the Unlimited Influence podcast, where she helps business owners amplify their influence, income and impact.

Over the past 20 years, she has built several highly successful businesses, and had built her first 7 figure business from the ground up by her late twenties.  She's worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs, helping them create businesses that allow them to live the lifestyle they desire.

Samantha is the author of the best selling book 'The Heart of Entrepreneurship' and creator of The Brand Builder Formula™.   Her 5 step strategy gives her clients a system that enables them to build true success both in business and their personal life.

Through her programs, she helps people to be seen as the authority in their niche by becoming more influential, so they can get their message out in a bigger way to maximize their impact.


After almost 20 successful years in business, I noticed the business world was changing fast (emails were still fairly new, and Facebook was starting to get traction).  I knew I’d need to embrace the online world as I could see customers buying strategies were changing.  I spent thousand and thousands of dollars going to seminars and workshops where expert after expert stood on stage and told me about all these really cool things available.  They all told me how easily I could create a six-figure business while lying on a beach drinking cocktails (well they all had different stories, but you get what I mean.)   

After working really hard to create my 7 figure business, I was excited with these new found possibilities of working for less time and more money.

But I discovered it wasn’t as easy as they were saying…

I was learning and implementing what they were teaching me, but I wasn’t getting the results.  It seemed like everyone else was doing really well and achieving great results, and I started to wonder what I was doing wrong.  What was the missing piece?  

As the months rolled on, I started to get more and more lonely and overwhelmed.  My self-confidence was plummeting, and I went from being full of hope as I knew what was possible, to doubting myself as it seemed like it was happening for everyone else (including people who had started these programs after me).  

I was extremely frustrated because I’d already built a 7 figure business, and the people (these ‘gurus’) couldn’t help me.  They were just saying ‘do this’ and it will work.  I did ‘this’ and it didn’t work for me, so I became obsessive about finding a solution to the missing link.

Even though I was frustrated and extremely low in self-confidence, I had a moment where I realised being in that state wasn't going to help me find the solution..

I had to remind myself that I was smart and capable and I had achieved great results in the past.

I went back to the drawing board, and weaved my knowledge and experience from the ‘old way’ of doing business, into the ‘new way’ and found some fascinating discoveries which led me to create the 5 step Brand Builder Formula™.

Once I'd mapped out the system, I realised most of the education and training for entrepreneurs was focussed on steps 2, 3 and 4 of my formula, and steps 1 & 5 were either touched on very briefly or not integrated with the other steps.  

I had finally found the missing links!

I’ve Walked In Your Shoes.  I’ve Been To The Events Where You Get Heaps Of Idea’s And No Structure (And Possibly No Results), And That's Why I've Created...

In this 2 day transformational event we’ll be deep diving into step 1 and 5 of The Brand Builder Formula™ and integrating what you already know, so you can plug the gaps and achieve greater success .

I wanted to do something different because the ‘other’ model hasn’t worked so well for me.  Instead of the normal multi-speaker events which presents a wide range of topics with speakers just touching the surface and have you walking out in overwhelm, we’ll be immersing ourselves and  setting strong foundations for you to build your celebrity brand and give you the tools to leverage your message to a much wider audience.


Have you ever walked out of an event fully inspired, only to walk in to your business the next day and resume business as usual?

Not this time!

You'll walk away from this transformational event with an action plan which will have you making big changes in your business right away.  Plus, as an added bonus, you'll also have the resources and the inspiration to go out and make an even bigger impact.


Define Your Legacy:

When you join us for this transformational event, you'll be personally guided to uncover and define your legacy with crystal clear clarity and design your life of purpose in a bigger way than you ever imagined possible.  Imagine your vision ten times larger?  That's what you're capable of, and you'll be supported.

Clearly Communicate:

Your message needs to be heard so you can make an impact, but so many entrepreneurs can't get their message out in a bigger way.  You'll be given the framework to ensure your story is clearly communicated and being heard by the right people.

Your Signature System:

To position yourself as an authority, you need to have a signature system; a methodology that clearly articulates the process of how you help your target market.  We're going to map out your methodology so you can stand out and be seen as a thought leader.


Create A Movement:

We're more connected than ever before, yet we're feeling lonely.  Play at the top of your game by connecting deeply with your tribe and create a community of people who are inspired to make a difference.

You’ll be well on your way to making an even bigger impact!

Leverage Your Brand:

In today's world, your personal brand is more crucial than ever before, as we only do business with those we know, like and trust.

Our panel of personal branding experts will help you to build a brand which is authentically you, and has you standing out for all the right reasons.

Global Connections, Unlimited Possiblities:

Have you ever been in a room of like-minded entrepreneurs and thought "I'm home.  These people get me..."

Network and create lasting friendships, during this two day event.  And then relax and let your hair down at our Cocktail Reception.


You’ll be able to charge the prices you never thought YOU could before - even though you know others charge more than you.  Because up until now you've never felt you were worthy enough to.

After spending two days with us, you'll easily attract more clients and have greater influence so you’ll be able to leverage your existing opportunites while creating more income.

It's time for you to roll out the red carpet and create a velvet rope policy for your business.



Unlimited Influence LIVE  will be hosted in Santa Monica at the Doubletree Suites by Hilton.

This venue is centrally located, with only a short walk to Santa Monica Pier, and the trendy 3rd St Promenade shopping district.  Did someone say shopping?

The American Film Market & Conferences are being held in Santa Monica at the same time, with over 8,000 industry leaders and Hollywood decision makers descending upon Santa Monica.  The energy will be buzzing with electricity. With so much happening at this time, make sure you reserve your room now!


If you're interested in having your brand in front of action-taking entrepreneurs, please reach out to [email protected] to discuss how we can create a win/win opportunity.


It's time for you to step through the fear of playing a bigger game, unleash the greatness within you, and share your message with the world in a much bigger way.

You have done a tonne of personal development and educated yourself, and you know there is untapped potential to take your business to the next level. You’ve enrolled in all the programs, conferences, seminars and online courses. Heck you know so much now, you could even be the one teaching this stuff! You just need to make a few tweaks.

Through your education and personal development you know what’s possible, but you haven’t been able to capitalise on that knowledge to get your business to the next level. You are stuck at the level of doing okay and you want to get to the six figure months that you know are possible.

2 day Amplify-style workshop in Australia & USA


Date:  TBA



Date:  TBA


Update: Seats are strictly limited.

Still Have Questions?

  • q-iconAre meals included with my ticket?

    This is an uncatered event, but there are coffee and food options located within the venue.

  • q-iconWhat is the cancellation policy?

    Tickets to Unlimited Influence Live are 100% transferrable.  We do not give refunds due to the nature of the event, however you can transfer your ticket to a family member or friend.  Simply send an email to [email protected] with the change of name details.

  • q-iconAre airfares and accommodation included?

    Airfares and accommodation are not included in your ticket price.  However, the good news is there are plenty of accommodation options available in the area, including on-site (but get in quick as the hotel has limited accommodation during this time).

  • q-iconWhat's the dress code?

    We suggest smart casual, but really anything you feel comfortable wearing is fine.

  • q-iconWhat can I expect at the Cocktail Reception?

    This is a fabulous chance to relax, and network with like-minded entrepreneurs.

    Finger food will be served, and VIP attendees will receive champagne on arrival.  There will be a cash bar for the evening.

  • q-iconWill you cater for people with food allergies at the cocktail event?

    We will definitely look after you if you notify us in advance.  Let us know your food requirements for the evening, so you can just enjoy yourself.

  • q-iconHow do I get there?

    Maps and directions will be emailed to you when you reserve your spot, to ensure you can prepare your trip in advance.

    Car parking is available on site at a price of $12 valet / $10 self parking rate, for one time entry.

  • q-iconWho can I expect to meet at this event?

    Unlimited Influence Live is a great place to network and create lasting relationships with like-minded entrepreneurs.  Expect to meet coaches, consultants, authors, speakers – all experts in their niche.

  • q-iconWhy is this event different?

    This event is not a multi-speaker event where many speakers touch lightly on a range of topics.  This is an event where every speaker continues and layers the same topic, so you can implement your strategy in the room, and leave the event with a deep understanding and have a clear direction.

  • q-iconWhy did we create this event?

    We recognise that listening to a podcast is one thing, but having the accountability of learning alongside other entrepreneurs who are here to make an impact is an entirely different game.

    Workshopping your way through a live event like this one can also help to bring clarity to your journey. Furthermore, we love meeting our Unlimited Influence Podcast listeners and hearing your stories of success first hand. It’s the fuel that keeps us doing what we do.

  • q-iconWhat results can I expect?

    When you fully immerse yourself in this event, you can expect to break through your current mindset barriers and take your income to the next level, your limiting fears will no longer be holding you back which will enable you to share your message with a much larger audience, and you’ll have a clearer direction on building a business filled with purpose.

  • q-iconIf I have a question, who do I contact?

    Simply send an email to [email protected] and one of our team will get back to you within 24 hours.