Are You A Coach Or Consultant Who Is Ready To Position Yourself As The Trusted Authority In Your Niche?



Is This You?

• You need more clients.

• You have a hard time explaining what you do, and people often look confused when you try and tell them.

• You feel uncomfortable, and shy away from "selling yourself".

• You get frustrated because you don't get referrals...

Are You A Coach, Consultant, Health / Wellness Practitioner, Author Or Speaker?

Join us for this one day, intimate board-room style event, and watch your world get extraordinary.

During this one-day intensive you will:

• Define your authentic message with more clarity than ever before, so you can clearly see what needs to be done to get actual results.

• Discover your unique story and infuse it in your brand.

• Create your unique Authority Positioning Model™ which will position you as a thought leader.

Why Do I Need An Authority Positioning Model™?

Having your unique positioning model is like a 'safety net' for your potential clients.  When they understand with crystal clear clarity how you can help them, and what outcome they will achieve from working with you, it's very easy for them to make a decision to work with you.

Plus, you're not selling yourself, you're selling the system.  So you can say goodbye to those uncomfortable feelings that rise to the surface when you're trying to sell your services.  Instead of showing up and fumbling over your words and feeling self-conscious, you'll now show up speaking with certainty and full of confidence.

Meet Kate...

When Kate attended our one day Authority Accelerator workshop, she hadn't received a lead for her 'Stand Up From The Crowd' program in a few months.  She was finding it difficult to articulate to people what she did, and the benefits people would have from working with her. She was losing confidence in herself, and talking about what she did less and less because she felt embarrassed at not being able to have people understand what she did.  What she was making this mean was that no-one wanted her product.

Here's what Kate walked away from the day with...

Here's What Others Are Saying About Authority Accelerator


You believe you CAN have your cake and eat it too.

You're Here To INFLUENCE.

Increase Your INCOME.

And Make A Bigger  IMPACT.

If You Don’t Act Now You Know Next Year Will Be Just Like The Year Gone By...

And you're not ready to sit back and have another year like the last.  You know you want a bigger income in 2017.

You're so frustrated that your income and your lead generation is inconsistent. You know there is untapped potential, and you're ready to create a stable income and consistent leads.

Are you ready to commit to taking your business to the next level?


Samantha Riley is the creator of The Accelerant Group and the host of the Unlimited Influence podcast, where she helps business owners amplify their influence, income and impact.

Over the past 20 years, she has built several highly successful businesses, and had built her first 7 figure business from the ground up by her late twenties.  She's worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs, helping them create businesses that allow them to live the lifestyle they desire.

Samantha is the author of the best selling book 'The Heart of Entrepreneurship' and creator of The Brand Builder Formula™.   Her 5 step strategy gives her clients a system to become the authority, or the 'go-to' person in their niche, and use their positioning to leverage the growth of their business.

Through her programs, she helps people to be seen as the authority in their niche by becoming more influential, so they can get their message out in a bigger way to maximize their impact.


After almost 20 successful years in business, I noticed the business world was changing fast and I knew I’d need to embrace the online world as I could see customers buying strategies were changing.  I spent thousand and thousands of dollars going to seminars and workshops where expert after expert stood on stage and told me about all these really cool things available.  They all told me how easily I could create a six-figure business while lying on a beach drinking cocktails (well they all had different stories, but you get what I mean.)   

After working really hard to create my first 7 figure business, I was excited with these new found possibilities of working for less time and more money.

But I discovered it wasn’t as easy as they were saying…

I was learning and implementing what they were teaching me, but I wasn’t getting the results.  It seemed like everyone else was doing really well and achieving great results, and I started to wonder what I was doing wrong.  What was the missing piece?  

As the months rolled on, I started to get more and more lonely and overwhelmed.  My self-confidence was plummeting, and I went from being full of hope as I knew what was possible, to doubting myself as it seemed like it was happening for everyone else (including people who had started these programs after me).  

I was extremely frustrated because even thought I’d already built a 7 figure business, these ‘gurus’ couldn’t help me.  They were just saying ‘do this’ and it will work.  I did ‘this’ and it didn’t work for me, so I became obsessive about finding a solution to the missing link.

Even though I was frustrated and extremely low in self-confidence, I acknowledged being in that state wasn't going to help me find a solution.

I had to remind myself that I was smart and capable and I had achieved great results in the past.

I went back to the drawing board, and weaved my knowledge and experience from the ‘old way’ of doing business, into the ‘new way’ and found some fascinating discoveries which led me to create the 5 step Brand Builder Formula™.

Once I'd mapped out the system, I realised most of the education and training for entrepreneurs was focussed on steps 2, 3 and 4 of my formula, and steps 1 & 5 were either touched on very briefly or not integrated with the other steps.  

I had finally found the missing links!

I’ve Walked In Your Shoes.  I’ve Been To The Events Where You Get Heaps Of Idea’s And No Structure (And Possibly No Results), And That's Why I've Created...



In this one day transformational event we’ll be deep diving into step 1 of The Brand Builder Formula™ and integrating what you already know, so you can plug the gaps and achieve greater clarity for your clients & prospects.

Here are the 3 projects we will be working on at AUTHORITY ACCELERATOR:



Have you ever walked out of an event fully inspired, only to walk in to your business the next day and resume business as usual?

Not this time!

You'll walk away from this transformational event with an action plan which will have you making big changes in your business right away.  Plus, as an added bonus, you'll also have the resources and the inspiration to go out and make an even bigger impact.


You’ll be able to charge the prices you never thought YOU could before - even though you know others charge more than you.  Because up until now you've never felt you were worthy enough to.

After spending the day with us, you'll easily attract more clients and have greater influence so you’ll be able to leverage your existing opportunites while creating more income.

It's time for you to roll out the red carpet and create a velvet rope policy for your business.


It's time for you to step through the fear of playing a bigger game, unleash the greatness within you, and share your message with the world in a much bigger way.

You have done a tonne of personal development and educated yourself, and you know there is untapped potential to take your business to the next level. You’ve enrolled in all the programs, conferences, seminars and online courses. Heck you know so much now, you could even be the one teaching this stuff! You just need to make a few tweaks.

Through your education and personal development you know what’s possible, but you haven’t been able to capitalise on that knowledge to get your business to the next level. You are stuck at the level of doing okay and you want to get to the six figure months that you know are possible.


9.30 AM - 4 PM

Are You Ready?  Register Now.


Due To The Intimate Nature Of This Event


Not sure if this is the right workshop for you or want to know if we'll be hosting a workshop in your city?  Book in for a quick call to see if this is right for you.


Update: Seats are strictly limited.

Here's the A's to your FAQ's

  • q-iconHow do I know if this workshop is right for me and my business?

    Click here to book a time to speak with Samantha and discuss whether Authority Accelerator is your best option.

  • q-iconWhat is the cancellation policy?

    We do not give refunds due to the nature of the event, however you can transfer your ticket to another date, within a 12 month period.  Simply send an email to [email protected] with the request.

  • q-iconWhat results can I expect?

    When you fully immerse yourself in this event, you can expect to create a blueprint which clearly articulates who you help, and how.  No more confusing elevator pitches – although who does business in an elevator anyway?

  • q-iconIf I have a question, who do I contact?

    Simply send an email to [email protected] and one of our team will get back to you within 24 hours.

  • q-iconWhat do I need to bring?

    You’ll need a notebook and pens, as well as your laptop.