Ep: 065 – Without Conflict There Is No Innovation with Karen Valencic

  • By Samantha Riley
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As an author, speaker, black belt and engineer, Karen’s passion is revealing the keys of conflict to leaders so they can fast-track innovation and enhance performance.
Karen knows the best ideas in business all too often are lost in the maze of poorly handled disagreements.  Therefore, the ability to innovate with conflict is an essential skill for leading edge businesses and people!
Spiral Impact, Karen’s unique method, combines physics with martial art concepts for an eye-opening take on the way we engage with each other and with life circumstances.  
She has consulted, trained and coached inside organizations for 20+ years, focusing on propelling leaders and their teams ahead of the curve in performance and innovation.
Karen also speaks at conferences providing high impact, entertaining programs with practical tools attendees can take away and implement immediately.


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