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Nikki White has been running small businesses for over 10 years as well as being a spiritual / intuitive person. She has a passion to assist people to be the best small business operators they can be.

Her  passion and strength lies in working with “idea generators” helping them to distill their ideas and dreams into tangible steps so that they can actually achieve them. She combines her business skills with little bit of woo woo and creates a magical combination of practical and loving business support to help others on the journey to success.


Nikki White Interview Quotes:

As soon as I realised I could combine my spiritual side and my business side, and I realised I could wear both hats, my world just opened up and it was totally amazing.


I’m about collaboration, not competition.  I don’t believe you can have five massage therapists who wouldn’t speak to each other because they’re in competition with each other.  My philosophy is let’s all come together and help each other because you might be doing something the other guys can learn from, and if you’re being authentic, you’ll attract different clients anyway.


Trust yourself.  Believe in yourself.  Love yourself.


I had this lightbulb moment that I was going to help this industry, but nobody knew me.  So I had to get to work building a personal brand within that industry so that people got to know I had something to say.


What Are The Three Things Which Have Had The Greatest Impact On Growing Your Personal Brand?

 – Blogging – creating content.

 – LinkedIn.

 – PR/media exposure.


What’s One Piece Of Advice You Wish Someone Had Shared With You At The Beginning Of Your Business Journey?

Have patience.  Don’t compare.  We think it’s going to be easy, and that it’s going to happen overnight.


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